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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  February 7, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PST

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about $50. next the bad. look at this car wedged between two buildings in california. the driver reportedly jumped a curb, crashed through a guardrail and then got stuck between two building. rescue crews got the man and car out safely. finally the ugly. we may have found the world's worst driver. this guy gets stuck making a three-point turn and ties up traffic for blocks in italy. it gets worse when a church procession comes down the street. eventually the embarrassed guy is able to make the turn. i did a nine-point turn the other day and that was embarrassing. >> cars in italy are really small. time for your brew on question of the day responses. in the show we told you about the battarpes, the longest married couple in the united states after saying "i do" more than 80 years ago. we asked you what do you
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think is the key to a successful marriage:. trust, open communication, listening, respect, faith in each other and remembering your vows to one another. >> mary wrote successful marriage, an element of mystery mixed with a sense of dependability keeps your partner intrigued and interested. >> finally, you have to play the game. you have to give a little and take a little. thanks to everyone who responded. i've been married almost 13 years. you have to resolve to work through things no matter how ugly things can get. >> a little bit of laughter goes a long way. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. >>gretchen: good morning. it is february 7, 2013. thursday. i'm gretchen carlson. a presidential flip-flop. president obama will allow congress to access classified drone documents after all. but why? is it to get his top spy guy confirmed later today
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or quiet complaints that he's stepping on the constitution. from his own party now. >>steve: while the president defends his secret drone war, our military is about to get gutted in some measure. from pay cuts for our troops to slashing our fleet. what does the future of our national security look like going forward? >>brian: how many times have we said the military makes way too much money? next time you're late for work try this. sorry boss, my angry wife stole my truck keys, dropped them in a glass of water and wut them in the freezer. really? most memorable excuses as "fox & friends" starts right now. >>steve: what did you tell us? >>gretchen: good morning. talking about the blues brothers. i'm intrigued. >>brian: on the blues brother when they had the excuse my car had a flat
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tire, whatever they said real quick. but everyone has an excuse but rarely do people put all the excuses together. >>steve: until today. >>gretchen: each week we get hundreds of real estate questions from you asking how we can help you rebuild our dreams. this week our real estate expert bob hitting the road to try to answer. he is in fort myers, florida, where he's holding a free seminar. good morning to you, bob. what do you have for us today? >> i'm in fort myers. terrific cloud. they have been wonderful down here. love "fox & friends." love fox news. we're going to be talking about how we got here, where we're going, what the future is from lending to the real estate industry. the future of real estate in america. how the present situation is going to get worse and maybe better at times. we'll cover all those issues, take questions from the audience. the next three hours to try
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to inform everybody viewing this as to what is going on. >>steve: bob, huge crowd behind you. all good-looking people. >> this place is spectacular. this yacht club has been wonderful. the people are great. the hospitality is great. really we're very, very fortunate for being here. we thank the people for coming out so early. we have a lot to cover but we have a lot to talk about that help us understand this disaster of the past few years. >>gretchen: bob will answer all your questions every hour. the seminar goes from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. eastern. we'll be back in touch with you in about 27 minutes, bob. we could learn more today about what took so long for help to arrive in benghazi, libya. outgoing secretary of defense leon panetta expected to testify at 10
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on capitol hill. last week panetta said the u.s. didn't have enough time to respond. federal employees got a nice pay raise but the military maybe not. sources say leon panetta will recommend to congress military salaries be limited to a 1% increase next year. the decision comes as the secretary steps up the rhetoric about dire cuts at the pentagon if sequestration goes into effect march 1. the man accused of trying to blow up the federal reserve in new york expected to plead guilty to terror charges. officials say he tried to blow up the van with 1,000 pounds of explosives outside the buildings, but the explosives were fake. he is charged with trying to use weapons of mass destruction and trying to thwart al qaeda. >> there are thousands of reasons why people are late to work. traffic? the most common culprit. but not all employees blame
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jammed roads. a new survey reveals some of the most memorable excuses like -- good ideas for you. my car wouldn't start because the breathalyzer showed i was intoxicated. my car was attacked by a bear. here's the photo of proof. are we going to see it? >>steve: we heard it. >>gretchen: last but not least, my angry wife froze my keys in a glass of water in the freezer. come on. out of those three, that is the most logical one. >>brian: really? i tell you what, i think there is a long line of misdeeds if she is going to that extent to freeze your keys. >>steve: i'm sure you've used good excuses with your boss. e-mail one of your favorites. >>brian: how about this excuse? i killed an american today with a hell-fire missile thanks to a u.s. drone. why did we do that? because he was trying to kill us and plot against us. that is the overview. but today we get the details on how the president, president of the united states, and his
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justice department combined to put together a white paper that justified that attack against anwr al alawaki. >>steve: the white house is relenting. they were going to keep classified, keep secret from the lawmakers on capitol hill exactly what went into the 2010 legal opinion written by the department of justice on the kill of al-alawaki. there was a brew -- brouhaha. at the 11th hour what was released is that two committees -- the house and senate intel committees -- will be allowed to sit in a room and read the paper. they can't take notes. they can bring an aide with them so they can see what went into the decision. >>gretchen: i'm wondering why this is suddenly a topic of discussion. >>brian: john brennan -- >>gretchen: i get that.
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but they killed al-alawaki three years ago now. i don't remember lawmakers making a humongous stink about this. some libertarians did. to me, it is two issues. is the president being hypocritical because he complained about george bush and his tactics with the war on terror? yes, but that is a separate issue from president obama is fighting the war on terror. are you against actually killing terrorists? yesterday ed henry from fox news grilled the president's spokesperson on that. >> why are you dancing around the question of whether or not we killed civilians? why can't the government admit that -- >> i don't think i'm dancing around it. i didn't dispute it. what i can't do or what i'm not -- i don't disagree with that. >> do you think this is going to imperil john
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brennan's nomination? >> the president believes he is uniquely qualified as a 25-year veteran of intelligence work, 25-year veteran at the c.i.a. to lead that agency. and as the president's top counterterrorism advisor these past four years, he has done extraordinary work in the effort to combat al qaeda. >>steve: it is mr. brennan's appearance before this committee today for his confirmation that lawmakers feel if we're ever going to get answers regarding the program, it's now. that's why it is extraordinary and probably a little coincidental that they would go ahead and relent and release it to the lawmakers today. >>brian: here's what's good about it. we're going to get real questions from both sides rather than what a great guy you are, what a horrible person you are, and speech making. wur going to get both sides probing john brennan in a respectful way, i believe, to legitimize some of the tactics when he was working counterterror for the
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center. charles krauthammer looks at constitutional hurdles and why in some ways this could be challenging. >> they want to pretend you can only hit an american al qaeda operative who is an imminent threat and define him in a threat out of existence by saying al qaeda is continually hatching plots, so he's always, all day and all night, an imminent threat, i.e., that criteria is meaningless. i think we really have to have an effort in the congress, in the executive and in the country to have an argument about what are the guidelines. who is the soldier and who is -- who loses all rights in this kind of shadow war. >>gretchen: charles krauthammer said he doesn't understand the hysteria over the idea of killing americans who have taken up arms against the united states. i'm not against killing americans who decide that they want to follow al qaeda. i mean, is anyone really against the idea that al
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alawaki is now dead. maybe some people would have wanted him captured and maybe he would have given up more information if we put him to gitmo. >>brian: some people want him captured, read his right and brought criminal charges -- >>gretchen: i guess i'm trying to figure out the exact criticism other than the hypocrisy, do we really have criticism about the president taking out members of al qaeda? on the one hand, he was criticized for not believing in the war on terror. now he actually is doing something about the war on terror and that's problematic. >>brian: when we stormed the breaches of normandy, krauthammer went on to say, any german americans in here? we shot them all. that is the type of war you're in if you boil down to how this started. >>steve: it comes down to -- and this is why some lawmakers are upset -- we're talking about american citizens denied due process. at what stage do they
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become enemy combatants? that's probably contained in the super secret documents going to be released to the congressmen. meanwhile senator ron wyden, a democrat from oregon, said this: i want it understood because this is such a central issue, you have an individual with enormous influence, the architect of the counterterror policy in the united states. i'm going to pull out all the stops to get the actual legal analysis because without it in effect the administration is practicing secret law. there will be, as brian you said, there will be a grilling from both sides. speaking from both sides, where have they been? finally the left, certain members of the left finally coming out of their quiet stage and now being critical of the president's program. >> the memo says that the federal government can use drones to attack people in terrorist organizations including individuals who
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are involved with that terrorist organization. however, and this is an important point, however you do not have to have operational intelligence that this person is involved in or planning an attack on the united states. >> an attack on the united states. you don't like this program in any way -- >> it's constitutionally corrupt. >> they're clearly hypocrites. they don't care about human rights. they only care if it helps them politically. there is no way you can argue that you can kill an american without due process and he's not being held accountable by the media. he has not even addressed this memo. could you imagine if this was bush? >>gretchen: my question is are the democrats upset because innocent civilians are killed in the drone strikes or are they upset because alleged terrorists are being killed? there is a difference there. >>steve: due process for americans is what it comes down to. >>gretchen: i don't agree with that. i believe if somebody is a member of al qaeda and he's plotting to kill -- he or she -- americans, i don't have a problem with a drone taking them out.
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sorry, i don't. >>brian: we're going to have it again. adam gadon, an american, he'll be dead soon. who is going to be outraged about it? coming up, go to college, get a sex change. one university covering that with their health insurance plan because they want to -- quote -- "support all students." really? >>gretchen: the news the president may not want to hear about. stouffer's is proud to make america's favorite lasagna... with hand-layered pasta, tomatoes, and real mozzarella cheese. but what makes us even prouder... is what our real dinners can do for your family. stouffer's.
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>> the source of energy that's becoming khraoerp, we all know -- cheaper, we
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all know it's cleaner and more businesses are starting to take notice. we've got to double down on a clean-energy industry that's never been more promising. doubling the clean energy we use. to jump-start a home-grown clean-energy industry. >>gretchen: remember when president obama touted the future of green energy and pumped billions of tax dollars into solar energy. today the future looks dim as investments in green energy are beginning to dry up. >>steve: as the subsidies dry up, so does the business. because? >> there's tons of jobs and the entire industry is relying upon these billions of dollars, and we know where those billions have gotten up. according to my research, .1% of the grid comes from solar power. you think about the money that's gone in, billions, and the output. almost nothing; right? now wall street -- this is a big business issue, and what everybody is talking
3:19 am
about is what's going to happen with the shraor industry? -- going to happen with the solar industry? what is going to happen with those jobs he said would be created and clearly the country needs jobs. >>gretchen: if we look at subsidized solar companies. unfortunately, there are a lot of them. >> this is not a good track record here. we know what the checkered past has been for president obama and his statements about the solar industry and what the subsidies are providing. the one thing i want to make mention, subsidies in and of themselves are not a bad thing. we've seen it happen in the technology industry. it happened with nuclear. it happened with the oil industry. the problem is that the solar industry has never proved that it can take the training wheels off of additional fund and run on its own. now people are saying, well, solar may be dead in the water. what's going to happen with nat gas. you guys know this very well. we've got 100 years of energy. it's cleaner than coal, producing 50% less co2. there's lots of great
3:20 am
reasons. and jobs frankly. so many people are talking about on wall street and the business industry, okay, let's take our focus off the solar. let's move it to nat gas and let's get this economy going because it's about time. >> that's what we have a lot of. the united states hasn't figured out how to do solar effectively and cheaply. you look at the country of germany, it's working out great for them. >> it is working out great for them. we have to figure out where we want to be as a nation. the problem is also with the solar industry, you have the chinese coming in and undercutting the markets. that's what the subsidies were doing. it was making us more competitive with the chinese. then they start to cut prices again, and we start to throw more money. that is not a viable business solution. >>gretchen: what was germany doing correct? are they just a smaller country and -- >> they are a smaller country and they've got lots of sun, a lot more sun than we do. the problem is it's a cloudy day and it's raining and you're not going to have it. this nation is vast, beautiful in its makeup.
3:21 am
in california it is a great solution. on the east coast it is not going to work. you have to have a little bit more of a mixed solution. nat gas is part of that too. >> thanks for joining us. >>gretchen: do you e-mail after work and take calls from the boss? do you think you should get overtime for that? chicago cops do. the same ones who said they are not going to respond now to certain 911 calls. >>steve: turbo tax, tim geithner has a new gig, author. writing a book about the financial crisis. and we want you to help him out a little with a title. what would be a good title for his biography, his memoir from his days at treasury? hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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>>steve: quick thursday morning headlines. gun owners in arkansas step closer to keeping their privacy. the state senate there passed a bill yesterday that would make it illegal to publish the names and zip codes of people with concealed carry permits. the move still has to pass the state house of representatives. and should you be compensated for scanning e-mails and answering phone calls from your boss on your blackberry after work hours? cops in chicago think so and they are suing. a lawsuit claims officers were pressured to answer work-related phones without filing for overtime. the city fired back saying officers are specifically told to ask for o.t. >>brian: do we pay back if we do personal things during business hours? meanwhile, it has all the makings of a great military
3:26 am
novel. an angry mob claiming to be upset over a video storms a consolate and kills an american ambassador. meanwhile cops try to cover it up. that is not fiction. it is nonfiction and it happened in benghazi. what does this man who writes novels think of this? let's ask lieutenant brad taylor, author of this book "enemy of mine." brad, when you saw this go down, did you say to yourself, this is almost like reading a novel? >> i did. i was tracking it beforehand. i didn't think we should have gone in to remove qaddafi in the first place. then the attack itself, as soon as i saw open-source news pieces, i thought that is not a mob. that is a phraepbd assault. -- that is a planned salt. >>brian: there were mobs and they were angry on 9/11. we should have been prepared for that. what question would you ask
3:27 am
leon panetta today and martin dempsey if you had a chance to? >> i don't think there's a big conspiracy. we didn't do what we could have. the military did not do something, they didn't fire whatever. my question would be why was there no plan? it's like if you close down your fire department and somebody calls and says my house is on fire. it would take awhile to get everybody back in there and get the fire trucks moving. on the other hand, if you had the fire department standing by, which is what we should have -- standing by -- we could have reacted. >>brian: when this book is written, you take your real life and connections and put them into novel concepts so they come out looking like real stories, one of which was syria. you put a call in to your friends and said what is going on there, i'm going to go research this. what happened? >> i try to be as current as i can. i want current events to be as realistic as i can be. current events are current, and i have a buddy of mine who is much smarter than i am on this type of stuff.
3:28 am
i was heading over there to do research and it went up in flames. he was dealing with car bombs and other stuff. i couldn't get over there. >>brian: let's talk about your book. when you did a book tour last time, you noticed everybody thinks all terrorists are the same. same objectives, same way of operating but they don't. you spell that out in this book. >> the first group was al qaeda. we look at a them over here. but they are not a monolithic enemy. >>brian: hezbollah is supporting with syria and assad. hamas is against assad but getting financing all from iran. hezbollah. one day you have an enemy and the next day he's your friend. if we are the common enemy -- which is america -- we leave. then they turn on each other. that's what we're seeing in iraq, in syria, all through
3:29 am
the middle east. >> the biggest enemy hamas had was mubarak. now the muslim brotherhood is head of egypt and they say now i hate syria. i don't like you any more. >>brian: if you want to get the terrorists down and understand their objectives, get brad's book. "enemy of mine." brad, thanks for your service. thanks for your time this morning. 27 minutes now after the hour. coming up, go to college, get a sex change. one university now covering that under an insurance plan. wait until you hear why. struggling with your mortgage. questions about your home? bob massi is giving out free advice all morning long. first happy birthday to garth brooks. he's 51 and likes country music. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso.
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but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money.stor. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully before investing. risk includes possible loss of principal. >> here's what people are talking about. today the postal service announced it will stop delivering mail on saturdays in an effort to save $2 billion a year. postal workers were shocked. they were like we were supposed to deliver mail on saturday? >>gretchen: i'm going to be really upset. i love getting mail the
3:34 am
old-fashioned way. why don't they figure out how to get rid of waste, fraud and stuff like that? >>brian: i have a great mailman but i have an invisible fence so my dog is allowed to stay out front. my mail actually goes in my tree now. >>gretchen: that's why i cut off my invisible fence ahead of mailbox. >>brian: i wish i thought of that. >>steve: gretchen, you could take half of your friday mail, set it aside and look at it on saturday. >>gretchen: somehow not the same. i don't mind not getting junk mail ever again. but i'll miss those little letters. sometimes my mom send me something because i like mail. >>brian: you may have won $10,000 got to wait till monday. you don't have to wait much longer for the headlines. >>steve: a kofrl new addition to -- a krofrt r r -- a controversial new addition to a student's health plan. starting in august students at brown university,
3:35 am
students who want to change genders will be covered under the health insurance plan. it will cover more than a dozen sex reassignment surgeries. staff, you're not covered. just the kids are. the school says -- quote -- "an important benefit for students to have." >>brian: forget another grammy fashion moment. cbs news issued an e-mail preventing all attendees from flashing their butts on camera. in addition to body parts, the network says it will not be thrilled with political statements. the grammys are this sunday. put something on. put on a shawl. >>gretchen: they're going to have to cancel it. a kindergartner getting a memorable story time surprise. >> yay! >>gretchen: master
3:36 am
sergeant tim colusa of the air force. he's been away for the past eight months serving in afghanistan. one of his many deployments. he and his family plan on spending quiet time together over the next few days while he is home. fantastic. >>brian: turbo tax tim geithner taking his reason for bailing out wall street to the books. he will be meeting with publishers in order to put the financial crisis on paper in book form. you may remember geithner owed tens of thousands of dollars in back taxes before he was confirmed. no word on when we can expect to see this book hit the shelves, but we want to know what you think the title should be. send us your suggestions. we want to help him. friends at fox or tweet us at "fox & friends." >>brian: ray lewis is a happy man. first he wins the super bowl, the second of his
3:37 am
career and his last nfl game. now he gets to watch his son play at his alma mater. take a look at him with his son, scheduled to play at the university of miami next year. lewis says his parents may have supported his school of choice but the same cannot be said about alex collins. the recruit wants to attend the university of arkansas but his phopb is refusing to -- but his mom is refusing to sign the letter of intent. she reportedly wants him to stay closer to home and attend the university of miami. no word on what the school is planning to do about this. let's talk soccer. switching gears, a miserable showing for team u.s.a., last qualifying round of the world cup. the men give up a goal in the 79th minute to honduras, a terrible defensive effort. honduras the eventual winner.
3:38 am
the next match is costa rica. they lose the game 2-1. they started with four defenders who never played before. the best american player decides he doesn't want to play anymore. he's 30 years old. he says i don't think i want to play. >>gretchen: you are crushed. >>brian: i also feel bad for fox. fox sports bought the world cup for the next two thousand years. what's it going to be like without america in it if we don't get our act together? >>steve: on to an extreme weather alert. the northeast getting ready for a winter wallop. one of the worst snowstorm in years is expected to hit portions of new england dumping as much as two feet of snow in some places. where are those places? janice dean joins us now. >> i'm excited about this. i don't know about you guys. >>gretchen: excited? we're just glad you're here to bring us the weather. >> thank you, gretchen. we're looking at a snowstorm that is going to
3:39 am
cripple travel in some places tomorrow. stay tuned. we'll keep you updated. we could see some significant snow. this could be an historic snowstorm for parts of new england. what are we dealing with? rain and wind for the mid-atlantic. a deepening coastal low. this is two systems coming together, one across the northern tier, one across the south. and this is going to be our nor'easter. the worst of the conditions overnight friday into saturday. but we're going to see things start to go downhill this time tomorrow morning. we have blizzard watches in effect for parts of certainly boston providence, connecticut as well. so rhode island, massachusetts, winds in excess of 70 miles per hour. and we could see two feet in some cases three feet of snow in new england. we'll keep you posted. >>steve: thanks, j.d. >>brian: the state of florida has the highest foreclosure rate in the united states of america. there were over two million
3:40 am
foreclosure feetings in -- foreclosure filings in the country last year. >>gretchen: bob massi is in fort myers where he's conducting a seminar for free. good morning, bob. >> we've got names for the book with geithner except it could be my last day of broadcasting if i throw a few out. we're going to stay away from that now. we've got a lot of questions here, a lot of good information. we're going to ask linda to come up. what is your question? >> my question is i have a lot of customers that i've dealt with short sales and it's over. but they want to know how long does it take to get their credit back. >> we're going to cover this towards the end of the show. when you have a short sale, the impact of credit is not as extensive as if it was a foreclosure. there is ways to repair your credit. one of the biggest problems is they're reporting it incorrectly on credit reports. not as bad as a foreclosure but it still is impacted in the future. thanks, linda.
3:41 am
let's take john. come here real quick. >> it's don. >> i can only go with what's on the card. >> i need to sell a completed mountain development. >> are you looking for bidders on tv this morning? >> not at all. i need help. the bank is leaning on me real hard. >> banks lien and they have rights. if you're saying you only have a few months. that means if there is a default on the payment they are going to go through some sort of foreclosure. you need to see if legalities on the loan you have to get a real estate lawyer to look at the paper work, examine if there was any kind of lending problems, predatory lending or otherwise and make a determination if you can stop that foreclosure to give you time for purpose of saving the property. thanks, buddy. come in over here. gina, nice to see you. >> we have a condo here in florida and we're upside down on it. we refinanced in 2010. we don't qualify for any of the newest. i wanted to get an
3:42 am
interesting reduction and was turned down. is there any help? >> she wants to know if there is any help for refinancing. there are programs that are out there. there's over 150 programs out there right now, gretchen, for lending. but the question is, do you fit within that grid. that becomes more difficult because if it's upside down in value, if you're looking for any type of principal reduction or even interest, it is a complicated process, which is one of the reasons why at some point the homeowners in america, the american family ends up losing things, losing their home because they hit a wall. there's only certain things we can do. that's exactly what we're going through right now. we're just going to be starting the short sale process in my presentation, going all the way through to rebilling your dreams. but -- rebuilding your dreams. no matter where we go in america with rebuilding your dreams, the questions and frustrations are exactly the same, what people have experienced in america. >>steve: especially important where they have the highest foreclosure rate. last night in fort myers, the mayor of the city gave you the key to the town,
3:43 am
didn't he? >> if this keeps going on, i'm going to have like 100 keys. the mayor was wonderful, opening their arms. they declared it fox news day. they gave me a beautiful plaque. -- phra*bg. it is all about teaching and educating people so we have a level playing field. that is what the problems have been, no level playing field. that's what we hope to accomplish today. >>gretchen: bob is going to answer questions every hour. the seminar goes from now until 10 a.m. eastern time. >>brian: did you know there's one day of the week you should not get gas because prices are the highest? that secret revealed if you promise not to tell anyone. >>steve: back to fiction. you could be having a heart attack right now and not have a clue. dr. mark segal is here to
3:44 am
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3:47 am
or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >>gretchen: how's this for a startling statistic? nearly one million americans suffer a heart attack each year and heart disease is the leading cause of death in the united states. how much do you know about your heart? dr. marc siegel is here to put us to the test. february is heart health month. we're going to separate fact from fiction today. good morning, dr. siegel. no chest pain means no heart attack. true or false? >> that is fiction and i'll tell you why. it's not one size fits all for heart attacks. it comes in many different varieties. in tv and movies, it always looks like, and they had red foxx on sanford and son grabbing his chest and
3:48 am
saying i'm coming, elizabeth. the fact is that's not the way it happens. especially for women. women have totally different ways of presenting with heart attacks. they can have shortness of breath. it can be an arm symptom. you can feel fatigue, be nauseous. you just don't feel right. if you're not feeling right, see your doctor. >>gretchen: number two, trans fat are enemy number one? fact or fiction? >> trans fats are bad. it is enemy number one. it definitely is associated with heart disease. a lot of restaurants have gotten trans fats and put butter in. trans fats is high in food. >>gretchen: number three, it's not a heart attack. it's stress. fact or fiction? >> stress is bad, but that's fiction because people don't know. if you're worried and feeling stress and your heart is racing, it may be racing because something is going on with your heart. again, get checked. you could have an
3:49 am
arrhythmia, irregular heartbeat. stress may be the reason you're feeling bad but it may be because you're -- something's going on there. >>gretchen: even fit people may have problems? >> men between the ages of 35 and 44, the number-two cause of death after car accidents is heart attacks. so that is true. you may be young, but what are your risk factors? are you overweight? are you smoking? do you have high blood pressure? is your cholesterol high? get checked even if you're young. >>gretchen: aspreupb, omega 3 fatty acids are all good. >> it is good but it is fiction. aspirin is good for you over the age of 50 but can cause bleeding. especially omega 3's, individual is an individual. go to your doctor and say is this going to be good for me or bad for me?
3:50 am
don't go to the pharmacy and start taking aspirin. i say fiction on that. >>gretchen: great advice, as you mentioned, it's such a big killer. especially for women, i think it's the number-one killer. >> 60% of the time women come in with a heart attack without having any symptom beforehand. they've got to be on the lookout. not just men. women too. >>gretchen: great to see you. coming up, a stunning new study. major universities are failing to teach u.s. history as a whole. what they're teaching instead. we'll tell you next. bruce willis is hitting gun control with a vengeance. we'll tell you what he had we'll tell you what he had to say. hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
3:51 am
has oats that can help lower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sure does! wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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3:54 am
>>steve: here's a question for you. are some texas universities rewriting american history? a new study shows two major colleges in that state -- the university of texas at austin and texas a & m university -- are paying less attention to their history courses and instead teachers are focusing more on race, class and gender. here po explain is peter wood, the president of the national association of scholars, the organization behind the study. good morning to you. you would think history would just be about history, but apparently it's not. >> history has many different parts. you can talk about economics, politics, religion, intellectual history, military history. but we can also talk about social history: race, class and gender are tops on that list. >>steve: so you looked at these two universities down in texas -- by the way, why
3:55 am
did you pick texas and those two schools? >> texas handed us the opportunity. in 1971 it passed a law saying students had to take a europe american history and then in 2009 passed another law saying that the universities had to make the syllabi of their courses publicly available within three clicks of their main page. >>steve: so you could do investigating on your own. you did this study and you determined the instructors there are placing an awful lot of emphasis on race, class and gender. why? >> why? we think that is because they have been trained to do that, that the students coming out of the graduate schools in overwhelming numbers specialize in those areas, and also because they think they're doing good. they think that there is something wrong with america that needs to be fixed, and one of the places to fix it is in history courses. >>steve: are they right?
3:56 am
>> there probably are some pretty significant things wrong with america. but are they right that the right way to teach history is to focus on race, class and gender to the point of excluding all these other subjects? no, they're not right about that. >>steve: we put up a graphic that showed between the two schools, a & m and u.t., it looks like u.t., 78%, focused more on race, class and gender. what's the baseline here? >> we don't really know. we would think that race, class and gender are a very important part of american history. if you compare them with the other areas, maybe 15% or 20% of the curriculum should focus on race, class and gender. but when it's 75%, something in that range, that seems a little out of whack. >>steve: if it's 75%, what are they leaving out? >> they're leaving out military history, for example. that is almost completely gone at these two universities. intellectual history -- history of ideas -- they don't have a single faculty member in those areas who
3:57 am
specializes in that and teaches these courses. >>steve: earlier you said one of the reasons you felt they were doing it was because they were trying to adjust a wrong -- right a wrong that has through time built up. you've made some recommendations. at the back of your report you've got at least ten of them. give us your favorite. what could schools do? >> i think the most important thing that it could do is take a good look at themselves and decide that there's a problem here to be fixed. we have some very specific suggestions. we found that key documents in american history just aren't being taught. things like lincoln's second inaugural doesn't show up in any of the 85 courses we looked at. so they need to start listing important documents that every american student needs to know in order to know our history. >>steve: it is history, after all. we should learn history. peter wood, we thank you very much for coming in today. straight ahead, parents, what will you do to get your kids off of facebook? would you pay them? if so, how much?
3:58 am
one dad was willing to do. we showed you this video yesterday. >> a train! >> are we going to ride the train? >> yes! look at how it goes to us! >>steve: that adorable little girl who dreamed of riding the train is here live with her parents on this episode of "fox & this episode of "fox & friends." eat good fats.
3:59 am
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4:02 am
>> brian: bruce willis hitting gun control with a vengeance. >> steve: we showed you the video yesterday. >> a train! >> are we gonna ride the train? >> yeah. look how it goes, dad! >> steve: that little girl who dreamed of riding a train is gonna join us live. she's moved on to a new dream as well. what is it? you'll find out. "fox & friends" hour two for thursday. all aboard, here we go. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a good thursday. if you live on the east coast, get ready to hunker down 'cause a huge blizzard is moving your way. we'll tell you about that in a little bit. >> brian: i have to say one
4:03 am
thing, daveda health technologies decided to reach out, when you talk about home and devastation after sandy, they said what's going on in mass peca? we found a family that got wiped out and in turn they also -- the mom had a recurrence of cancer at the same time. so they got all their employees together and gave a huge financial package to them. >> steve: that's terrific. >> brian: just by reaching out and helping out. i wanted to point that out. it's unbelievable. >> steve: daveda? >> brian: they do a lot of dialysis. we just found out that they did that. i thought it was fantastic. >> steve: hats off to them. >> gretchen: each week get hundreds of real estate questions from you asking how we can help rebuild your dreams. this morning bob massi hitting the road to answer your questions. he joins us live in fort myers,
4:04 am
florida, where he's holding his free housing seminar. you're a good deal. >> we're in fort myers. gretchen, we're into the first hour and honestly, what's amazing is when you start talking about the issues, we've talked about this for a couple of years. it just doesn't seem to go away. the truth is although there has been some learning curves for everybody, there is still this frustration that you see on people's faces as to why is it that homeowners, why is it the american family, why is it that moms and dads, husbands and wives, why did they have to go through this torture? why hasn't there been more resolution? it's frustrating. that's why the rebuilding your dreams tumor we try to give them hope. the second part of the seminar will be heart to rebuild, how to get your credit back, how to forget your assets and how to do things to make you feel whole again. even if some of these people weren't directly affected, their friends and family were.
4:05 am
so that's what we're trying to accomplish here today. >> brian: are you having the seminar in between your hits with us? >> i am. i've been talking for a while there, brian. it's very -- going through the different things. we just finished short sales. we're going to go into foreclares and hoa's and the different things people are faced with. towards the last shower a half we'll get into the rebuilding concept to give people tools to help them and give them a sense of direction. because the problem is, brian, without information, without teaching and educating, as i said earlier, there is no playing field here that's level. just isn't. because the people in the industry know much more than you and i as homeowners and how we got beat up. they know what's going on. they know homeowners are desperate. we'll do our best to educate them and continue to educate the people on "fox & friends." >> steve: really it is the bob massi school of real estate convening in fort myers and he's going to be answering questions every hour.
4:06 am
it goes until 9:00 o'clock eastern time. bob will be back with you shortly. thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: let's get to your headlines. we're hearing that a nato helicopter has crashed in afghanistan. officials are not revealing where it went down. a taliban spokesman claims it crashed in the kapisa province. nato says all crew members survived. no word what caused the crash. we could learn more about what took so long for help to arrival in benghazi on the day of the terrorist attack that left four americans dead. leon panetta and general martin dempsey affect to do testify this morning on capitol hill. last we're panetta said the u.s. didn't have enough time to respond. the man accused of trying to blow up the federal reserve in new york city expected to plead guilty today to terror charges. officials say he tried to blow up a van with 1,000 pounds of explosives outside of that building, but luckily the explosives were fake. part of an f.b.i. sting. he is charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction
4:07 am
and trying to support al-qaeda. hollywood's hottest raising awareness for heart disease. that's megyn kelly strutting her stuff at the red dress fashion show. gabby douglas and jillian michaels and others came out for the cause. >> women and young girls need to stay active, follow healthy eating plan and be healthy. >> heart disease, number one killer of women. 80% preventible. raise awareness, get people talking, they can make strong choices that will be life changers. >> gretchen: it has become the kickoff to new york's fashion week. those are your headlines this morning. >> steve: fantastic. it's on the cover today of the "new york times." congress to get classified memo on drone strike ordered by the white house. this is a complete 180. they kept this thing secret for the last two or three years. now because john brennan wants to be the c.i.a. guy and he's the guy who has been the
4:08 am
architect of the president's drone program, it's going to -- he's going to get grilled later today, they're going to release to some select members of congress, members of the house and senate intel committee the document. they can't take a picture of it. they can't really take it out of the room. but they'll be able to read it. >> brian: i just wond whenever they nominated john brennan to c.i.a. director, they said this could lead to this. >> gretchen: probably not. >> brian: so now they're in the situation where they're going to, for the first time, be nominating someone that's going to get challenging questions from democrats and republicans. personally, i'm pro-killing terrorists with drones if they are american citizen and turn on us and go to yemen to think up different ways to turn on us and inspire people like hassan, as well as the underwear bomber, i think they should die. >> gretchen: me, too. i totally agree with this drone program and i'm guessing that they didn't think john brennan was going to face all of these questions because there really hasn't been, nobody was really
4:09 am
drumming the beat over the last two years of this program. maybe a couple people said, hey, like the aclu and a couple other libertarians said maybe we shouldn't be doing this. what about innocent civilians? what about reading people their rights? this is not how we treat americans. for the most part there wasn't controversy about this. i'm suspecting the president didn't suspect this to rise to the level it has right now. including questions like this now for a spokesperson on a daily basis. >> why are you dancing around the question of whether or not we kill civilians? why can't the government admit -- >> i don't think that i'm dancing around it. i didn't dispute it. i'm just -- what i can't do or -- right? >> i don't disagree with that. do you think this will imperil john brennan's nomination? >> the president believes he's uniquely qualified as a 25 year veteran of the c.i.a. to lead
4:10 am
that agency and as the president's top counterterrorism advisor these past four years, he's done extraordinary work in the effort to combat al-qaeda. >> steve: okay. so perhaps that, the fact that mr. brennan will sit in the chair later today is the reason the white house has released it. now they're going to be able to look with their own two eyes, the congressmen and senators will be able to look and figure out what gives the president the authority. remember, we read in one of those books, the president personally approves every name on that kill list. >> gretchen: to me, it's two separate issues. you can argue that there is hypocrisy here, that this president did not agree with president bush's use of interrogation techniques. so you can say yes, that's being hypocritical now that he's killing americans with drones. but to me, it's two separate issues because he actually is doing something about the war on terror and now some people have a problem with that. people were criticizing the president, hey, he doesn't believe in the war on terror. no, he actually is killing
4:11 am
terrorists and yet he's facing criticism. >> steve: they want to know where in the law he gets authority to kill americans. >> brian: let's see if this happens, please don't hold your breath. imagine if the president said when i was senator, i really condemned the president for taking extraordinary actions in the war against al-qaeda. but until i sat in that chair, i realized to keep america safe, sometimes you have to do things that are uncomfortable and i like to apologize to president bush. what are the chances of that happening? >> gretchen: zero. >> brian: okay. i thought about it for a second. anybody else? >> gretchen: zero due to the fact that military folks are going to get about a zero percent pay raise as well. they'll got 1%. is that a good or bad thing? let us know what you think about that. more on that later in the show. >> brian: you got to be kidding me? >> steve: meanwhile, bruce willis has new movie coming out a week from today and he sat down with the associated press. it was just a junket to promote
4:12 am
"a good day to die hard," the new movie. the conversation turned to guns and he is strongly strident defender of the second amendment. here is what he said. i think that you can't start to pick apart anything out of the bill of rights without thinking that it's all going to become undone. if you can take out or change one law, then why wouldn't they take away all your rights from you? i feel really bad for those families, but i don't know how you legislate insanity. that is such a good point at the end. how do you legislate insanity? >> brian: absolutely. if you look at adam lanza, jarrett loughner, the lunatic who thought he was batman who killed all those people in aurora, what do they have in common? they're all crazy and had no business with firearms. >> gretchen: i do think that -- this is why it's a comprehensive problem. i do think we could be looking into the mental health aspect of this and we could be looking at the laws that are on the books
4:13 am
and the rights that we have given to figure out whether or not that's affecting the general population more so than just the people who are suffering that, like trying to get them to take their medication. >> brian: lot of pressure on bruce willis. we saw that arnold schwarzenegger's movie bombed and stallone's movie bombed. >> steve: it looks like it's going to be good. opens on valentine's day. straight ahead. >> brian: a nice heart warming date movie. >> steve: forget sharing the wealth. coming up, we've got four simple ways to narrow the class divide, like getting rid of the unpaid internship perhaps. >> gretchen: then take close look at this dog. he's taking the internet by storm. because he looks like a human. >> brian: he might be. >> gretchen: the story behind the picture ahead. i'm nervous. >> this is kind of disturbing. it's being reported that the justice department has concluded that the president can order
4:14 am
drone strikes on american citizens. and today rush limbaugh came out in favor of obamacare, said it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. everybody sign up!
4:15 am
4:16 am
4:17 am
>> gretchen: as americans we've always been considered a melting pot of coming together of those from different countries and cultures. with common beliefs and behaviors. is it possible that america is actually coming apart now? our next guest believes the answer is yes. charles murray is a scholar at the american enterprise institute and author of "coming apart, the state of white america, 1960 to 2010" which is out in paperback. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> gretchen: it's hard to review an entire back. but what's your thesis? >> that we've got classes different in kind from the ones we used to have. we've always had rich and poor
4:18 am
people. nothing new. we have in particular a new upper class that's increasingly segregated from and ignorant of the rest of the way america lives and that is leading to lots of problems. >> gretchen: so when your book came out initially, you admit you got blowback because you maybe didn't offer solutions in the book and that's what we're going to do today. you've written an op ed piece offering solution, starting with getting rid of the unpaid internship. why? >> affirmative action for rich kids. who can afford to take an unpaid internship? parents can pay for their summer. what parents really need, rich parents really need is have their kids get jobs that they can get fired from, or they have to earn a paycheck and it would be really nice if there was a body part hurt at the end of the day. if you don't hold a job like that at some time in your life, you don't have a clue about how most of the world lives. >> gretchen: that's so true. we've been talking a lot on the show about going through adversity as a kid and that helps you succeed later in life.
4:19 am
also you say drop the sat for college. kids absolutely screamed their lungs out. why? >> i'm talking about the reasoning test, the verbal and math reasoning test. look, those are affirmative action for smart kids who don't work hard in school because just pure i.k. will let orgeat really high score on them. we know for a fact that the achievement tests do just as good a job as predicting success in college and they do it for kids from disadvantaged schools, too. so why not have achievement tests? you got a chemistry test, it helps to be smart, but you also got to study chemistry. and by switching away from the reasoning test, we get away from this idea you can ace the test because go to a test prep school. >> gretchen: wow. why wasn't that idea around when i was taking the s.a.t.? number three, replace affirmative action. this is going to be a big one. why? >> you know what? schools should still say we are going to set aside a certain number of seats in our incoming
4:20 am
class for kids who don't have test scores quite as high as the rest of our students. but don't make those kids based on race. the president's daughters don't need affirmative action and neither does a latino orthopedic surgeon need affirmative action for his kids. let's have those slots set aside for working class kids or kids whose parents don't have any jobs at all. that is what they will have in common. not their race. >> gretchen: okay. number 4, prick the b.a. bubble. i assume this has to do with your college degree, which is b.a., right? >> yeah. it's a meaningless piece of paper. >> gretchen: really? >> come on. >> gretchen: it cost people tons and tons of dough! >> yeah, i know. if you have an applicant come for a job, you know from your own experience you don't know that person can even write a complete sentence just because they have a b.a. you have to know where they got it and what they studied. look, we have used the b.a. as this dividing line between first and second class citizenship,
4:21 am
costs a lot of money. it doesn't mean anything substantively. let's give people a chance to show what they know. not where they learned it and how long it took them. so you don't have to spend four years in a resident i can't tell college to get this per knishes thing a is dividing americans needlessly. >> gretchen: so you say the b.a. is b.s. all right, very interesting discussion. check out his book now in paperback. thanks for being here. >> my pleasure. >> gretchen: we showed you the video yesterday. >> a train! >> are we gonna ride the train? >> yeah. look at how it goes! >> gretchen: got to love that. this morning that little girl who dreamed of riding a train so genuinely, here live. then, parents, what would do you to get your were kids off facebook? would you pay them? how much? how about never letting them on it? find out what one dad was willing to do, though
4:22 am
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4:25 am
>> brian: time for news by the numbers. 65%. that's how many small business owners don't have an obamacare plan in place right now. the reason they're holding off? uncertainty of how it will play out. next, 5.2%. that's how much of more than $116 billion given to the federal highway administration actually went to the construction of new highways. most of it was spent on planning to build new highways. by the way, $200. that's how much one dad is paying his 14-year-old daughter to stay off facebook for five months. for the contract you see here, she would have all of the money
4:26 am
by june. good luck. steve? >> steve: indeed. do you remember what you wanted tore your third birthday? well, this little tennessee girl wanted to ride on that train. >> what's coming? >> a train! >> are we gonna ride the train? >> yeah. look at how it goes! oh, my goodness! >> here it comes. >> here it comes! >> we got to be safe. stand back. >> whoa! >> steve: that is a big train. that video now has gone viral with over 500,000 hits and joining us right now is that little girl's father who taped her reaction, daniel dubois, her mom, sarah, and the star herself, madeline. good morning to all of you. thank you for joining us from
4:27 am
nashville. >> good to be here. >> good morning. >> steve: sarah, let's start with you. she wanted a special birthday present on her third birthday. why was it at the train station? >> well, we live close to some railroad tracks and when went across the train tracks every day. she had a fascination with trains. so we planned for a while to take her on a train trip for her birthday. >> steve: okay. and daniel, you being the good father, had the video camera, or phone right there. were you surprised at her reaction? >> yeah. with little kids, you never know what you're going to get, right? so i thought this could be terror or it could be really sweet. it turned out to be the latter. it was a cool moment to get on camera. >> steve: it was fantastic. madeline, do you remember the day you went on your third >> steve: what was it like?
4:28 am
>> was it fun? >> yeah. >> what else do you remember about it? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> steve: i understand that while she absolutely was so full of life and so excited to see the train at her third birthday, now she's kind of moved on, hasn't she, sarah? >> she has. yes. she's into drawing and leggos and things like that now. she's hoping to take her first airplane trip soon. >> steve: that will be great. daniel, make sure you have the video camera. i'd like to see that. >> yeah, exactly. part 2. >> steve: i know that you posted this on-line for friends and family to see back in 2011. but it wasn't until what, this past week when somebody did something that it suddenly went viral. >> yeah. 48 hours ago, yeah. it was crazy. it just sat out there for almost a year and a half and then woke up tuesday morning to 52 e-mail
4:29 am
messages from people make comments on youtube. i don't even know youtube had that ability to e-mail me. but i thought something is up. so then as the day progressed, the view count just continued to skyrocket and we're up around a little over 800,000 now, 48 hours later. >> steve: that's fantastic. sarah, have you been able to figure out what it is about madeline's expression that has captivated the nation? >> i think that innocence and the pure joy of childhood. i think we all remember that a little bit and we long to feel the same way. it reminds us of our own children and the joy of those childhood moments, too. >> steve: i think you put it exactly right. all right. madeline, thank you very much for joining us. you are the internet's big star. nice to meet you, madeline. >> say thank you. >> thank you. >> can you wave at him? >> steve: there you go. she's got good manners as well. madeline and daniel and sarah,
4:30 am
thank you very much. adorable. next up, have you got some questions about your house? real estate expert bob massi is giving out free advice down in fort myers right now in florida and he's next. then did you know there is one day of the week we should never, ever get gas. it's because prices are the highest. that day of the week revealed next. >> a train! >> are we gonna ride the train? >> yeah. look at how it goes! oh, my goodness !
4:31 am
4:32 am
4:33 am
4:34 am
>> this isn't good. just revealed the federal reserve was hacked on sunday. pretty serious. in fact, they're saying the hackers could have made off with as much as negative $14 trillion. we don't have anything. we don't have anything in there. go ahead. >> steve: yeah, hackers. the cupboard is bare. they'd have to put money in to take money out. >> brian: that's true. if you want economic news, jimmy fallon, one stop shopping. here are your headlines. rihanna making a real show of support in court for her rumored boyfriend, chris brown. yep. that chris brown. the singer sat next to brown's mom in the front row as a judge ordered a follow-up probe of whether he really did his community service. can you believe this, for beating her up back in 2009. >> gretchen: crazy. >> brian: did he 581 hours in los angeles, but then allowed to do the rest of his time in his
4:35 am
native virginia, at which time he doesn't seem to have done any time. prosecutors say there is no proof he did the work. but there is proof when he said he did the work, he was in other states. >> gretchen: there was proof he have beat her up, which is a really, really sad story. >> steve: there she is standing by her man yesterday. >> brian: what a message that is. >> steve: meanwhile, affordable education may sound far fetched these days, but it soon could be a reality. governor rick scott announcing that 23 state-run schools in florida will soon roll out $10,000 bachelor degrees. excellent. the plan being echoed in texas and wisconsin by rick perry and scott walker. the plan to give kids affordable education was originally a challenge for microsoft ceo bill gates. the proposals come as student loan debt has topped $1 trillion nationwide. >> gretchen: with gas price jumping 18 cents in the past week, you need all the help you can get, right? so listen up. if you're headed out today,
4:36 am
don't go there. try and avoid the pump. that's because experts say thursday, thursday is the day when gas prices are the highest. gas station owners tend to raise prices today ahead of the weekend when demand is high. with this huge storm coming, a budge of people will go today. they're not going to have any other choice. >> brian: smartest thing gas stations do is electronic. why did it take so long? four legged friend turns into an internet sensation for his unique features. meet tonic, the dog man. he's got a people face. believe it or not, he needs a moment the two-year-old poodle shih tzu, i apologize to those wake up, was rescued and -- did i say that wrong? >> steve: no, that was right. >> gretchen: the swear word was in the dog name. >> brian: how about this? the mutt needs a home. i do not need another fine. >> gretchen: the wardrobe malfunction, you had one of those? >> brian: no, it looks like i
4:37 am
might have offended somebody. >> gretchen: it's tough to say that dog breed name. >> brian: how does caesar handle shih tzus. >> steve: the northeast, portions of new england getting ready for a big woll lop. could be one of the worst snow storms up north in years starting tomorrow, dumping as many as two feet of snow. say it ain't so, janis dean. >> it's so. we think boston is going to take the brunt of the storm. we could be talking about a top five storm for boston and what we're talk being over two feet of snow the last time we saw that was ten years ago. yes, we could certainly get two feet of snow in some cases, three feet of snow. so this is quite a system that's going to get together. we've got two systems really. one across the north is the clipper system. and then we've got a system across the gulf coast. both of these combined will bring us our energy for the nor'easter that's going to come, the worst of it, friday into saturday. look at some of these storm
4:38 am
totals. this is just one of our computer models. new york city, close to ten inches for you. over a foot for albany. look at boston. if we get 27.3 inches, that would be number two, the top five storms that would be number two for boston. looks like close to 26 inches for providence. new england, that's our bull's eye. but certainly new york city northward and west of the city, we could see some impresssive storm totals. some totals we have not seen in years. so just want to make mention where we have our winter weather advisories for much of the northeast, but the red shaded here is blizzard watches. that means we could see hurricane force winds along the coast, could see easily one to two feet of snow with blowing snow. people are urged, if you don't have to travel on friday, hunker down friday afternoon, friday evening and saturday. that's when the worst of the conditions are going to come because we'll have certainly cancellations across the airlines and road travel along i-95 corridor will be crippled,
4:39 am
crippled starting tomorrow afternoon. of course, we'll keep you posted, bring you the very latest from the fox news extreme weather center. >> gretchen: all right. thank you. >> steve: the boston blizzard. >> gretchen: i was going to go skiing on saturday. maybe have to wait until sunday. >> steve: you can go skiing at your house. >> gretchen: well, yes. if i fix the hole in my roof. anyway, time to check back in with real estate expert bob massi. i need you, bob. he's at rebuilding your dreams seminar in fort myers flax fellow, one of the hardest hit cities affected by the housing crisis. what's going on down there now? >> at the royal palm yacht club where it's 81 degrees, i hate to tell you that. we have questions from our audience. i asked my hairdresser to come and ask a couple of questions. [ laughter ] see what i'm talking about. >> gretchen: very cute. >> first question is, who does your hair? >> you do. [ laughter ] >> that's mr. bud. second question, if i inherit a property that's underwater, can
4:40 am
i negotiate with the lender prior to probate? >> the problem is until you're appointed a personal representative of the estate, until you're appointed an executor of the estate, you have no standing, bud, to talk to anybody about that property. so you usually will be appointed, for example, special administrator gives you authority to talk about the property and ultimately you have to negotiate a new loan for that property. the question is, why would you want something under water? that's the deal. i got scissors for you, we'll talk later. take care. okay. let's talk to susan. come on over here. thank you for being here. >> hi, bob. the lenders have their back room deals that they've made with the government. the government has made these back room deals and we're kept in the dark as homeowners. is there any type of advocacy group that we can bond together and have a fair shot in this war? >> one of the things we try to do rebuilding your dreams is sort of put this force together and educate and put pressure on them. i know that there are groups
4:41 am
throughout the country which we could talk about after that are forming together to try to put pressure on the government. i got to tell you, just like the mortgage debt relief act when we asked the people to put pressure on representatives to extend it, there is nothing stronger than people power. if go to your representatives and show them how angry you are about what's going on, the fact that you still can't get from under water, that's about the -- but there is strength in numbers. that's basically what we're trying to do. we will talk 'cause i know there are groups doing that. thank you so much. come on over here, sir. bill, nice to see you. >> good morning. thank you. i'd like to know in light of the federal govnm comes to the government right now. look, these lawsuits were inevitable. we've seen the government suing bank of america. we see other lawsuits coming down the line. what's happening is a lot of the injustice that's been uncovered seems to be now coming to the surface. so your question is well taken. the point is going to be since they're the ones that were
4:42 am
co-conspirators, what right do they have notwithstanding. they have the right to do it. but i think you'll see interesting issues come out in these cases as it progresses. thank you, sir. okay. let's take our last one. linda, we got a couple seconds. >> is there a certain length of time that once you get a foreclosure notice, if it goes on for four or five years, that there is an end to it before it kind of is thrown out? >> we talked a couple weeks ago about zombie foreclosures which we talked about this morning. ultimately it's up to the lender to take that house back. one of the things i'm telling people, and i told them this morning, if you want to get out of your house and you can't get any cooperation from the lender, they won't deal with you, get a quick claim deed and deed it back to the servicer of your loan. go record it in a recorder's office and say i'm out of here. it only takes your name off the title, not the debt. but that's exactly what we have to do to take control of it because people are frustrated. lenders are not cooperating. not a surprise. thank you so much. here we are again and thank you very much. we'll see you in about a half hour.
4:43 am
>> steve: very nice. it was nice to finally meet your stunt double, if you ever do action stuff, you got a guy in fort myers to stand in for you. >> we are franchising the barber shop. we'll let you know what the name is. [ laughter ] >> brian: super cuts is taken. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: we're spending more and more money on education. but student performance is flat. what's up with that? that sounds like an snl skit. john stossel knows why and has a plan to fix it. >> gretchen: nascar rolling out a brand new race car that goes faster than ever before. racing legend walter waltrip here to show it off. what's he doing? he's looking up at our photos there [ male announcer ] this is anna, her long day teaching the perfect swing begins with back pain and a choice.
4:44 am
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4:47 am
>> gretchen: american airlines and u.s. airways could soon combine to create the world's largest airline. the two companies are close to announcing a merger that would save american from bankruptcy. the new company would reportedly keep the name american airlines. that's interesting. and be worth over $10 billion. who is the most stressed in america? a new survey says young adults. 39% of 18 to 33-year-olds say their stress increased in the past year. 52% say it's kept them awake at night in the past month. maybe because a lot of those folks are looking for jobs. that would be my guess. >> brian: drink a lot of red bull. >> steve: meanwhile, since 1970, education spending in this country has skyrocketed from $43,000 per student to close to $150,000 per kid and yet, test scores have remained stagnant. >> brian: what's the reason for the lack of progress? john stossel has the answer. >> the bureaucracy is what's wrong. the blob. >> it's the blob.
4:48 am
it is. >> it's like the reformers are up against jabba the hut. it's the unions and the paper pushers. >> city schools are terrible because of unions like yours. >> our test scores are not what we choose to focus on. >> how do you know if they're learning anything? >> i know my kids are learning when i look in their eyes. >> give me a break. >> gretchen: there he is. that's a clip from his special that airs tonight on "fox business" network. joining us now, john stossel. give me a break, right. >> give may break. we shouldn't laugh. this is just so unfortunate that the kids that are stuck. >> gretchen: i don't think i was laughing, but go ahead. >> he was laughing. people think, we're just not putting the money in. >> brian: we do. >> more than triple the money. that line goes straight up, test scores are flat because it's a government monopoly. we should have learned from the soviet union, they just don't do anything well. not that universal testing is the answer. the answer is competition and
4:49 am
choice, which makes everything better. >> steve: so in a perfect world, if you were running the department of education what, would you do? >> in a perfect world, i would just abolish these departments and let people pay for their schooling and charities would help poor people. not going to happen. but it's an experiment. instead of giving it to central planning we gave the $15,000 per student we spend now to each kid. it's attached to your kid's back. you can take it to any school. suddenly that kid is worth a lot of money. 300,000 for a classroom good teachers will be making 200, $300,000 a year. >> gretchen: the heads of the union passed out at that suggestion. >> it's not just the unions that's the problem. it's the educators, bureaucracy. nobody likes change. we don't like it here, but we're forced to by competition. and it's not that the charter schools are so perfect. some of them stink. but the beauty of it is when they stink, the parents figure it out. they go out of business. >> brian: do you have an answer? if you live in new york city in a run down area and you really
4:50 am
don't have the same choice as an affluent person on long island or new jersey, how would you balance that out? >> already in poor neighborhoods now we at least are allowed some charters where the parents are clamoring to get in. they won't allow more of them. but i've been to those schools and those kids were sharp. i would say school is boring, right? they would say no, they make it interesting here! yes, it's hard work, but i'm excited to come to school. >> steve: he might save new jersey some of the inner city schools, they actually am spend 25, $30,000 per kid and yet, the achievement is not there. >> half a million per classroom think how many good teachers you could hire for that. >> brian: 9:00 o'clock, "fox business" network, we're watching stossel. is that okay with you? >> it is. >> gretchen: not that john is stupid -- >> brian: that's the name of your show. >> stupid in america. >> gretchen: it's a headline. i like it. thanks, john. coming up next, nascar rolling out a new race car. it's the fastest one ever.
4:51 am
michael waltrip here to roll it out. >> brian: i'm coming. >> steve: meanwhile, back in 1973, "crocodile rock," elton john, numero uno [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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4:54 am
>> brian: it's got the along and speed to match. we're talking about the latest rollout, the race car. with me right now, michael waltrip, the same one from michael waltrip racing is here to tell bus this upcoming season, the daytona 500 and your
4:55 am
brand-new car. welcome back. >> good to be here. >> brian: you know how big you are. how do you get in this thing? >> it's tight when i squeeze in. but it's got se ducktive lines. >> brian: the fancy camera there, that is dale's car, right? you like him, but you're racing against him. >> but he's a great guy, lot of fun. this is the car that finished second in the championship last year with clint boyar driving. if it wasn't for this guy, we would be champions. but this car is really fast? >> brian: you're all excited about the daytona 500. you were excited to lead a group. it's michael waltrip racing, right? >> it's a great feeling. my inspiration came from dale earnhardt. i always wanted to be like dale. i really enjoyed and appreciated the way he ran his team. that's the way i'm trying to run mine. >> brian: ray lewis, captain of his team, i got his role. when you're captain of your racing team, what is your role, because it's an individual sport burks yet a team sport.
4:56 am
>> i raced for 30 years, over 1,000 nascar races. passion. i want people to see how much i care and how much i want to win and be part of this team. i think people feed on that. >> brian: mark martin is the veteran, right? brian pickers, the new guy. >> he lives here in town somewhere. let's go see him. >> brian: i saw you looking around before. and clint buyer is the up and coming star and he finished second place. what i'd like to do is i hear about your gen 6. i'd like to sit in it. is that possible? >> yeah. come on over. here is what you do. go in feet first. that makes it easier. both feet first. now grab the crowbar and slide in. >> brian: don't you have to go in with attitude? >> yeah. let's see what you got. >> brian: what's my motivation? >> to kick everybody's butt. >> brian: you heard him! i smiled by mistake. oh, jeez. a little tight.
4:57 am
>> yeah. you can do it. >> brian: i'm actually not in the seat. >> i think you can respect and appreciate how tough it is for me to get in. >> he's in! how does it feel? >> brian: like i need a steering wheel. and my coat is stuck on the back. >> okay. we can fix that. >> brian: i just stick this on? >> yeah. >> brian: now i've lost all communication. >> no you haven't. >> brian: joe will have to tell me when to wrap it up. michael, what is your prediction for this upcoming season? >> i think this clint boyar ride can win the championship. they came close last year. more importantly, we want to lend the daytona 500, it's february 24 on fox. great american race. >> brian: we just got the wrap. can you toss it in to steve and gretchen. >> steve and gretchen, it's cold out here. we're ready to roll. >> gretchen: michael, you come back in here and finish out the rest of the show.
4:58 am
>> steve: good job, brian. now you got to get out. next time we should spray him down with pam. >> gretchen: no kidding. democrats outraged at president bush over enhanced interrogation techniques. where is the outrage now that president obama wants to kill terrorists with drones? michelle malkin at the top of the hour. >> steve: tim geithner writing a book about the financial crisis what should it be titled? e-mail us your ideas it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential. looks like we're going to need to order more agaves... ah! oh! ow! ... and more bandages. that's powerful. sharble data plus unlimited talk and text. now save $50 on a droid razr maxx hd by motorola. to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right?
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5:01 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a great thursday. it's february 7, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time today. president obama's secret drone war revealed, but why now? is it to help his top spy guy get confirmed or quiet the complaints that are now coming from his own party? >> steve: meanwhile, should you support president obama on gun control because president obama is like your dad? >> the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. when your dad says something, you listen.
5:02 am
>> steve: really? okay. michelle malkin will react on that, coming up next. >> brian: aren't they the same age? turbo tax tim geithner has a new gig. the man who didn't pay his taxes wants to write a book. what should he call it? your e-mails are pouring in. we'll read them and share them with tell him if he'll call back. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: that was tight squeeze. >> brian: it was so tight. now he gets in is unbelievable. >> steve: how did you get out so fast? >> brian: joel dragged me out by my hair. >> gretchen: that's why he has won two. he knows how to get in and out and drive it. >> steve: each week we get hundreds of real estate questions from you asking how we can help you rebuild your dreams. this week real estate expert and fox news contributor bob massi is hitting the road to answer your questions. he joins us live right now from,
5:03 am
as you can see, you're there at the yacht club and i can see the yachts behind you, bob. >> it is beautiful. it's the royal palm yacht club in fort myers. they've been wonderful. steve, what we're talking about right now, this part of the presentation here, is what we call wealth preservation, which is a fancy word for saying asset protection because one of the things we've seen in the last couple of years, people are concerned about whatever they have saved, how do they protect it? how they can't use it so they could at least have something to look forward to the future. this is part of the rebuilding part of the seminar to try to show them how to set things up legally that they are protected. there are certain things you can and cannot do. you can't fraudulently convey things. there are certain properties that are exempt and forgetted. we're gotting into that. it's important part of the presentation and it's a common problem where people are so desperate, they just dump out and transfer things and that could cause a problem for them. >> steve: very good. you're going to take more questions at the bottom of this half hour. >> yes, sir.
5:04 am
>> steve: live from fort myers. >> gretchen: we start with a fox news alert. a look at riverside, california, where a manhunt is underway for a former los angeles manufacturer who shot ask killed one cop and injured two others.y wanted for two other murders. it's been revealed the father of one of dorn were's victims was his attorney when he was kicked off the police force for making false statements. we could learn today more about what took so long for help to arrive in benghazi, libya on the day of the terrorist attack that left four americans dead. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta and martin dempsey affected to testify 10:00 a.m. eastern time on capitol hill. last week panetta said the u.s. did not have enough time to respond. speaking of panetta, federal employees got a nice pay raise, but the military maybe not. sources say panetta will recommend to congress that military salaries be limited to a 1% increase next year. the decision comes as the secretary steps up the rhetoric about dire cuts at the pentagon
5:05 am
if sequestration goes into effect. the cuts are being felt. plans to send the uss harry trueman to the persian gulf scrapped. looking live now, this is washington, d.c president obama expected to speak any moment at the national prayer breakfast. around 3,000 religious and community leaders from 140 countries are in attendance, as well as vice president joe biden and first lady michelle obama. every president since eisenhower has attended this event. we'll keep you posted on what is said there. turbo tax tim taking his reasons for bailing out wall street to the book. he will meet with publishers in order to put the financial crisis on paper. earlier in the show, we asked you to send us your thoughts on what the man who didn't pay his taxes should call his book. i'm scared to read some of these. robert from the village of florida suggests turbo turmoil. that's hard to say. john from tampa bay says, call
5:06 am
it tax cheating for dummies. zinger. and ronald e mailed us, he says call it math is hard. >> steve: good titles. all right. michelle malkin has written a couple of books and joins us live now from colorado springs. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: last couple of days we've been talking about the hypocrisy from the left. they were on the war path against george w. bush about his interrogation techniques and now they're largely ignoring president obama's assassination from the sky with the drones. they're quiet on this. they made a lot of racket with the last president. maybe they shouldn't have made such a big deal about it with george w. bush because they both ultimately were just simply doing what they thought was right to keep the country safe. >> yeah. this is the mount everest of hypocrisy and the obama left has scaled it and is standing on top of that mountain, plugging its ears saying, la, la, la, we can't hear you. they don't want to be exposed.
5:07 am
they don't want to have their double standards highlighted so much because i think what it underscores is just how trivial they treat national security. it always has been a matter of political expedience and political exploitation. that's what i think i find so disturbing. i mean, there are principled people on beth sides that can argue about drone policy and the scope of presidential authority in war time. but the fact that it's so blatant and it's not just among the architects of these policies, but particularly among the media, which has acted in such a blatantly partisan manner in its double standards of treating bush and his homeland security team who were doing the right thing and now, of course, obama, who has adopted so many of those policies, just like it's a campaign, my goodness. what was it that the media was focusing on? romney being a murderer of big
5:08 am
bird and these false stories that he was responsible for the deaths of the wife of a steelworker who was affected by bank cuts. here we have a man we knew during the campaign that he had these policies in place. shhh. >> gretchen: that's kinds of the point, michelle, is that i'm wondering why is everyone making a big deal about it now. i know john brennan will be nominated potentially as the director of the c.i.a. so that's why people are talking about it, because he was the architect of this drone policy. but to me, it's two issues and i'm wondering if we can separate them, if you believe that you can. the hypocrisy issue. but then also shouldn't we be glad that the president is actually in favor of a war on terror and trying to get rid of members of al-qaeda? >> yes. let me address the second point. i'm on record on this. when the drone attack killed al-awlaki and his 16-year-old son, american citizens, i actually applauded obama.
5:09 am
people ask me, is there anything that you agree with him on that? and yeah, i'm not shedding any tears. the one mistake that i see a lot of conservatives and republicans who are trying to take advantage of this make is treating the 16-year-old as if he was some innocent. these were jihadi plotters. al-awlaki is the spiritual leader in so many ways, the same way that the blind sheik, specifically called for the murder of american troops. the problem, of course, is the incoherence and inconsistency of obama's so-called war on terror. remember, this is the administration that didn't even want to call it that. this is the administration that has been mocked because of overseas contingency operations, which screams islam afebruary every time its opponents champion the same sorts of homeland security policies they now are responsible for. >> brian: do you remember that bush 43 and bill clinton 42 were getting along while president bush was still in office. you remember how nixon helped out everyone, from clinton to
5:10 am
ford. this would be a great opportunity for president obama at some point, maybe even on tuesday, to say, a lot of the policies i was critical of as a senator, now that i'm in that seat, i can support and my respect goes out to george bush that. would go a long way to getting something done in washington. am i dreaming? >> yeah. this guy has never actually taken the olive branch and used it the way it should be. he wields it like a club and i don't think we'll have that moment. you're right, brian. this would be a time to say, you know what? i inherited these policies from bush and i'm actually glad. that's not going to happen. >> steve: he's adopted so many of george w. bush's policies, ironically, things he ran against and now he supports them. listen, let's talk a little bit about gun control. there was a rally recently and a very famous comedian was there and chris rock said this. >> president of the united states is, you know, our boss.
5:11 am
he's also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. when your dad says something, you listen. >> steve: okay. is that true? >> well, first of all, that was a bizarre little appearance there. he didn't mention gun control policy at all. it looked like a hostage video to me. maybe it's dawning on him in some sector of his brain that this is not good for his career. and secondly, i don't know a dad that wears mom jeans. okay? >> steve: stop it. >> more importantly, we have chris rock treating obama as his father. sandra fluke treating obama as her boyfriend. and jamie fox, who said during the campaign that obama was our lord and savior. these people need group therapy, is what they need. >> steve: that's one opinion from a hollywood guy. did you see what bruce willis said to the associated press?
5:12 am
he was supporting gun rights. he said, quote, i think that you can't start picking apart anything out of the bill of rights without thinking it's all going to become undone. if you take one part of it out or change one law, then why wouldn't they take all your rights away? that from bruce willis. >> little common sense from tinseltown. glad to hear it. >> gretchen: yeah. i think most americans develop their own opinions on stuff from within themselves, maybe not from hollywood. but that's just my personal opinion. >> brian: allall right. miss thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you dot com. >> steve: we'll see you next week dot org. remember when the president said this? >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> steve: sounds great. turns out there is a glitch in the health care bill and you're going to pay for it. peter johnson, jr. explains coming up next. >> brian: then. >> gretchen: leave the stress at home of the there is about to be a ban on showing too much skin.
5:13 am
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helping protect your business is our business. adt. always there. >> steve: one of the most memorable quotes from the health care debate. >> if you like your plan, you can keep your plan. if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> steve: that sounds terrific, but it turns out keeping your coverage might not be as affordable as the affordable care act promised. there is a glitch in the system. fox to us legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us now. what glitch? >> there is a few of them. they're kind of disturbing and let's look at them quickly and understand them as they go forward. one is a glitch in what families are going to actual lea be paying in their premiums. >> steve: whoa! >> 15,700. that's about based on average family premium.
5:17 am
what the federal government is now saying is we're going to be calculating what is affordable care based only on the individual coverage that you pay. so what it costs for your family to insure your wife, to insure your children, that's not going to be part of the caps that we've imposed under obamacare. so a lot of americans are saying, wow. this is a sticker shock. we're going to get hit big, big time. the second piece of that is that talking sticker shock, health care premiums may rise about 190%. >> steve: wait a minute. >> 190%. >> steve: this is exactly we were told would not happen! >> for healthy young people. according to the american action forum who can dea survey looking at cities like chicago and phoenix and other areas. they say if you are a healthy young male and you're not being subsidized, that there is a risk
5:18 am
that your premium, once things start kick not guilty in 2014, might rise as much as 190%. people whose premiums are being subsidized will have the government help pay for that big increase. older americans may pay less. sicker americans may pay less in terms of the way they're calculating things. but young healthy americans who are paying for their own insurance, not government subsidized, may take the biggest hit and maybe financing the decreases for everybody else. >> steve: you've got a third and funnel glitch. >> the third and final glitch is from the government itself. congressional budget office says that 7 million -- 7 million workers could lose employee-based coverage based on the new obamacare. >> because employers cannot afford it? they're saying we'll pay the federal government rather than pay these premiums. we've seen more and more companies saying we're going to go to part-time rather than full
5:19 am
time. more and more companies saying we're not going to go over 49 employees and make the obamacare limits. now unions are even saying, we want to have those subsidies on top of our private coverage. so the people who were behind obamacare from the beginning are saying, wow. we're getting hit with this government. what are you going to do for us? we took care of you on this. now step in and give us subsidies. unions looking for subsidies, according to the "wall street journal." a lot of unforeseen consequences. we'll keep an eye on it. the numbers seem to skyrocket every day. >> steve: nancy pelosi said we had to pass it before we found out about it. now after two elections, we found out about it. >> hold on to your wallet. >> steve: peter johnson, jr., thank you very much. great. meanwhile, want to make sure your kids are in good hands? then leave them with lieutenant nanny. former vets now being recruited for baby-sitting duty. that story coming up next. and is hollywood bud -- bruce
5:20 am
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>> brian: quick headlines. you're looking at video of an iranian official claiming they took from the u.s. drone captured in 2011. it was run last night in iranian tv. iran says it shows aerials of a u.s. drone base, among other things. u.s. officials have confirmed the drone was monitoring iran's nuclear project when it was captureed. cops in chicago are suing.
5:24 am
claimed officers were pressured to answer their work issued phones without filing for overtime. the city fired back, saying officers specifically told to ask for overtime. we'll follow that story. ♪ . >> gretchen: for many returning veteran, finding a job can be difficult. now a new employment opportunity has surfaced, becoming a nanny. let's call them lieutenant nanny. it's great for parents looking to protect their kids as well. former navy seal jonathan gilliam came up with this idea. he's the president and ceo of united states continued service. joining him is nanny candidate, melissa. good morning to both of you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: jonathan, i know this idea came about because of a tragic event that happened here in manhattan in new york city with a nanny. right? >> yes. my attorney and i were having lunch shortly after that event and i just mentioned in passing
5:25 am
that so many people, they have these nannies that they don't screen or think they get screened and then tragic incidents like this happened. it just dawned on me, because our company takes veterans and we place them into the public sector, building projects. this would be a great -- it's too bad somebody hadn't done this. my attorney, robert, looks over at me and says, we have to go with this. this is something good. >> gretchen: of course, in that situation, the nanny is alleged to have killed two of the children in her care. melissa, you are an army reservist and now add to your resume list nanny candidate. why would you want to do something like this? what skills would you bring to the table? >> well, most of my military training also allows me to not only be very careful of my surroundings and be aware of what's going on, but i also love children. i love working with children. i'm a very big family oriented person. so i think it's the best idea i've ever heard. >> gretchen: fantastic.
5:26 am
so jonathan, tell me what you would do as far as a background check to check out somebody like melissa. >> the interesting thing about melissa and many of these women are they're reservist or just got off active duty, which means they have a secret clearance already. we can then, with the company that i associate with, crossroads investigation services, we can then go further into their background. we can pull up the stuff that they've done since their service. in her case, she still has a current security clearance, so her background check is basically done for you. we just have to augment that with further investigations that we can actually do on the outside. >> gretchen: so melissa, i guess other than having a love for children and doing well in that capacity for the job of being a care taker, you would also be able to provide something that maybe many nannies cannot provide, which is knowing how to protect children. is that correct? >> yes. we do a lot of training through the military, you know, noticing the smallest little differences
5:27 am
in any of our surroundings, whether it's a tree that wasn't there before, any little detail, we notice it quicker. we are able to assess the situation and continue on with what needs to be done instead of not being able to tell what to do in a situation and kind of freaking out and we're able to keep a calm demeanor, make sure that the children are also safe and aren't afraid or anything and make sure they stay safe. >> gretchen: jonathan, i understand that this would be a high end situation, right? if you want a candidate like this, it might cost awe little bit more? >> we are a for profit company of the the reason we're for profit is that we saw a need for veterans that are returning from service to be able to be paid what they're worth. they have a service. they have a skill that american public needs and we're here to give that to them and in this case, we're bringing females into the home that are crisis empty trained already and in the case that you seen over the weekend with the kidnapping,
5:28 am
that family really needed a crisis manager there with them. in this case, melissa, who is incredible care taker and just a very calm and level headed person who has done this real world, she could be a great asset to the family as well as the children. >> gretchen: it's a great idea. jonathan is the man behind it, melissa is somebody looking for a job in that capacity. if you want more information, find it on thanks to the both of you. continued success. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: meanwhile, straight ahead, last week's unemployment numbers showed a major jump in jobless claims. what's in store for this week in the brand-new numbers coming up next. you'll see it live here. then, go to college, get a sex change. one university, a prominent one at that, now covering that in its insurance plan. wait until you hear why. you're watching "fox & friends." we'll be right back.
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>> steve: fox business alert. jobless numbers just out. nicole petallides is live at the new york stock exchange with the latest. >> let's break down the numbers. the weekly jobless claims claim in at 366,000 filed. that was more than that were expected. we continue to have the
5:33 am
unemployment rate here at 7.9%. don't forget, that ticked up from 7.8%. obviously these weekly numbers continue to disappoint. you still have millions of americans, 12 1/2 million americans who are still unemployed and we still continue to get these weekly numbers that are more than expected, like last week. >> steve: do we have any idea why it's a larger number? >> no. they come out each week with the estimates. however, you continue to find that you have all these folks who are unemployed. you have the u 6 number that is even more so. that's over 14%. these are the americans who have taken jobs, which they're really too qualified for. they have taken part-time jobs, temporary jobs and they really want their full-time job back. that's well above 14% mark. >> gretchen: nicole, let's talk about some good news. companies that are actually hiring right now, try and help some folks out. we have home depot. they're hiring 80,000 seasonal workers, right? >> that's right. during the spring selling season, this is the hot time for
5:34 am
housing and such. so home depot here is one of the names that has come out. they said they're going to be hiring 80,000 temporary workers. that's up 10,000 from a year ago. these will be cashiers, loaders and such. obviously this will be all over the nation. >> steve: very nice. one of the other big box retailers, lowe's, is looking for a few -- actual through ins of thousands of new employees. >> they are, too. that's exactly right. they are the second largest do it yourself big box improve your home retailer. they're going to be hiring not only temporary, but also permanent part-time workers. i'm seeing the numbers there for 45,000 seasonal workers, plus 9,000 permanent part-time store workers. so that is up obviously from a year ago as well. so people are get notting in th, beefing up their home. obviously 1078 good news. >> brian: when you're not updating us and not on camera in
5:35 am
the business network, what do you do? do you have a desk or couch? >> no. we have a very little booth here on the floor of the exchange and we update on the "fox business" network every 15 minutes all day long. from now until 4:30. yep. a lot of action here. now 14,000. we hit that last week. >> steve: we're on the verge of it again. were you expect hearing to say yeah, i go to the ibm booth and trade? >> brian: can't i be curious? i don't know what she does. >> steve: we should take road trip down there. >> you should! that would be exciting to do it live from the floor t. gets very busy. i know it looks like a ghost town, but wait until the traders pile in. >> steve: 9:30 is when things kick off. thank you very much. >> brian: time for your headlines. controversial new addition to the students' health plan at one ivy league school. starting in august, if you're with me, it's with time, students at browning university who decide they want to change genders after getting in will be covered under the school's health plan.
5:36 am
first you have to satisfy their deductible. insurance plan will pay for more than a dozen different sex reassignment surgeries. but bad news for the staff. you're not covered. so start saving. the school says the procedures are, quote, an important benefit for students to have. >> gretchen: for six of them? >> steve: a dozen different surgeries, yeah. meanwhile, sounds like the grammies will be a bit of a snore this year. call them grannies. you can forget about seeing another moment like this when tony braxton showing off a little leg. >> brian: are they done with that dress? >> steve: what dress? it looks like drapes. remember jlo's shear green dress? somebody at cbs issued an e-mail putting the coo bash on too much skin. it reads in part, thong type costumes are problematic. please avoid exposing bare fleshy, undercurves of the buttocks and buttock crack.
5:37 am
>> gretchen: it says that in a memo? >> steve: yeah. >> brian: on all nominees or the people? >> steve: i think they shut it out to all the performers and the performers' handlers. >> brian: artists usually follow instructions so well. >> gretchen: i want to hear steve read the rest of it. >> steve: continuing that, bare sides or undercurvature of the breast is almost problematic as well. it is almost problematic. >> brian: do you not want to overemphasize curves. i just want to focus on the music. >> gretchen: i wanted to hear him say that. >> steve: curvy. >> gretchen: they would not have any stars show up. i think the memo is a good idea, but stars are going to come in turtle neck? i guess somebody did that one year. >> steve: that all she wore? >> brian: that's not what i was thinking about with sharon stone. >> gretchen: from that to this,
5:38 am
meet america's longest married couple. john and ann tied the knot more than 80 years ago back in 1932. he's 101. she's 97. look at that great photo. they used to be neighbors. he drove her to school in his ford roadster and the rest is history. what's the secret to their everlasting love? >> just be content with what you have. >> devote your time to understanding one another. really, that's the whole thing. >> gretchen: wow, he's spry for 101. by the way, they have five children, 1 grandchildren and 16 great grand children. >> steve: that's mr. and mrs. happy. >> brian: all right. let's move on. there are thousands reasons why people are late to work. traffic is the most common culprit. not all employees blame roads. new survey reveals some of the most memorable excuses like my car wouldn't start because the breathalyzer showed i was intoxicated. >> steve: this from your personal history? >> brian: yeah.
5:39 am
this is from my personal e-mail. my car was attacked by a bear. here is the photo proof. and last but not least, my angry wife froze my keys in a glass of water in the freezer. >> gretchen: see, i've had a couple house problems the last couple of days. you notice that i did not use one of those excuses. >> brian: you did not. >> gretchen: no, i have a hole in my roof. oopsy daisy. a dead bird in my attic. >> brian: suicide? >> gretchen: no heat, no hot water and my new washing machine doesn't work. >> steve: and you were able to make it to work on time. >> gretchen: no excuses there. janis dean never has an excuse either. she's here because we have extreme weather coming. >> that will be an excuse that will go over well tomorrow at the office. all right. piano you live in the boston area where we could get two feet of snow, i think you're off the hook for work tomorrow. >> steve: maybe. >> maybe. >> steve: as long as it snows. >> it will. we're pretty confident about boston. new york, still a spread in
5:40 am
those computer models. we could really get anywhere from two inches to a foot of snow in new york because we're right on that snow, rain, sleet line. we'll have to watch that carefully. boston, providence, two feet or more, more than likely. let's take a look at our future radar. we've clipper system across the north. a system across the south. and both of those combining to make what could be an epic nor'easter. could be historic. so there is friday morning. as we head into work, unfortunately, i-95 corridor will be tricky. be extra careful if you have to travel. again, there is that rain, sleet, freezing rain line that we're talking about. that could actually bring back totals in new york. boston, up toward portland, interior sections of the northeast, you could easily get 12 inches, 24 inches, in some cases, three feet of snow. all the computer models, we put them together. this is our best estimation.
5:41 am
portions of philadelphia, one to three. up toward new york city, back through southern new york, three to six. six to 12 for upstate new york. parts of vermont. new hampshire, southern new hampshire, massachusetts, a wee bit of providence, rhode island area, could get two feet or more. so there is the bull's eye. yes, it could be top five storms for boston. so they might have an excuse to get out of work friday. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. all right, in the wake of sandy hook, there have been a number of people, a lot of people out in hollywood have come out and said, we need more gun control. we need to crack down on the guns. this is bruce willis -- >> brian: is that his daughter on the left? >> steve: it looks like it. >> gretchen: and his wife. >> steve: he is a big believer in the second amendment and when talking to the associated press this past week, promoting his new movie "a good day to die hard" another in the die hard series, we found out exactly how much he is not behind gun control. >> brian: he says this, i think you can't start to pick apart anything in the bill of rights. thinking it's all going to become undone. if you take out or change one law, then why wouldn't they take all the rights away from you?
5:42 am
i feel really bad for those families, but i don't know how you legislate insanity. that's where we always said we should start, mental health and work your way backwards. >> steve: he also dismissed any link between hollywood shootouts and real life gun violence. he said there is no proof that that really happens. >> brian: i sense it might be some violence in die hard. >> gretchen: probably why he would say that. but does he bring autopsy good point that it's a comprehensive issue. do you have questions about your home? bob massi is giving out free advice live from florida. we'll check in with him next. then an awesome reunion caught on camera. >> clifford was barking. >> daddy! daddy! ♪ come together right now
5:43 am
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>> steve: quick headlines now. gun owners in arkansas a step closer to keeping their privacy. the senate there passed a bill making it illegal to publish the names and zip codes of people with concealed carry permits. the move still has to pass in the house there. also in other news, kindergartener getting a story with a big-time surprise. >> clifford was barking. >> daddy! daddy! >> steve: daddy is tim of the air force. this is the first time he has seen his daughter in eight months. and that is beautiful. >> brian: looks like he's got his hands full. two daughters.
5:47 am
>> steve: that's great. >> gretchen: hope they have family time before he has to go back. let's check in with bob massi one more time. he's at the rebuilding your dreams tour in fort myers, florida, being one of the hardest hit states by the housing crisis. do you have more guests for us now, bob? >> we do. here at the royal palm yacht club, we have a lot of questions. a little bit of time. eddie, what's your question real quick? >> filing for bankruptcy l it help you save your home from foreclosure? >> when you file for bankruptcy, you're asking the court to discharge your debt. the question is, are you going to continue to make the payments on the house? if you continue to make the payments on the house, as long as you continue to make the payments, you can keep the home. but if you default, the lender will take it back. the good news is, your debt has been discharged, you'll have no deficiency. come on over. jamie. how are you? >> hi there. question today, is it still true that when you're facing foreclosure by an hoa or bank that the sheriff can come to the door and post a note and you have to be out in three days?
5:48 am
>> what happens, ladies and gentlemen, is whenever there is a foreclosure, whether it be an hoa or whatever, notice has to be given to the homeowner. now, usually they tonight allow it to go that way. there is specific laws on the books, so they have to give you a reasonable amount of time to get out. some states vary on that. generally they do a cash for keys. where the property manager gives you cash to move out quickly and generally speaking, you can always get more time. if you get served with a three-day notice to vacate, grab a lawyer because they can negotiate that with the property manager. keep the lawyers in business. >> oh, yes. >> okay. brenda, real quick. >> i testified for dry wall victims and they're dealing with homeowners having problems with their banks. the banks are not working with them. nobody wants these homes because they're toxic. what did he do? there is stock and don't know what to do with these homes and they're totally upside down and the home is worth zero? n this is a major problem.
5:49 am
unfortunately, i don't have enough time to answer all the questions. we have basically toxic homes and what are they going to do? nobody will deal with them. then you have people living in these toxic homes also. so it's an issue that when we're over with the show, we'll be able to talk about it and give you guidelines what to do. thank you. dorothy, got a couple seconds here. >> if i sell my house at a short sale, do i have any tax relief with the federal income tax? >> primary residence, original debt, acquisition debt, even if you refinance, if you went to approve your home, the mortgage debt relief act says if you get a 1099 c, cancellation of debt, you have no tax liability whatsoever. if you get the 1099 c, you give it to your cpa. they'll know what to do. if orgeat 1099 a, which is an abandonment, that's different. that's not a cancellation. that comes also. so make sure you get the -- if you get the document, take it to your cpa. generally speaking, primary residence, original acquisition
5:50 am
debt, short sale waived, you're good to go. thank you very much for being here. it's interesting that you have these array of questions and again, like i said at the beginning of the show, no matter where you go in the country, the same types of issues people are faced with every day. that's been going on for a couple of years. you know what that says? it says the industry has not dealt with the problems. they've not tried to reach out to the homeowners the way they should to give them the kind of just explanation that the truth is this. this is what we can do, this is what we can't do. this is what's going to happen. everything is clan disdestine. so many things have been hidden. that's why we do these seminars. >> steve: there are so many people in that room you have helped today and by extension watching the show, i think you helped a lot of people across the country. bob massi. >> i hope so, thank you for the opportunity. >> steve: great to have you. [ applause ] job well done. thanks to everybody who showed up down there. >> brian: including your hair body double. >> gretchen: we he went to can did in search of polar bears and
5:51 am
didn't expect to find many. but he found more than ever before. he'll share his story coming up next. >> brian: first, let's check in with rick folbaum playing the role of bill hemmer, along with martha mccallum. >> hi. we're tracking a massive manhunt in southern california. miss are trying to track down a former cop who is wanted for murder. he has republican a manifesto and promised to kill police officers. also the outgoing defense secretary leon panetta set to testify on the bill on the benghazi terrorist attack. we'll have that for you. cutting our fleet in the persian gulf because of budget worries. are we spending less on defense when our enemies are spending more? that's coming up at the top of the hour. back to you ♪ [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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>> the polar bear's world is melting. climate change is causing their hunting grounds to disappear right from under their feet. pushing them to the brink of extinction. >> brian: wow, inspired by the extinction status of the polar bear, zach decided he wanted to see their plight for himself. >> gretchen: so he packed up his family and moved to the canadian arctic to move to the polar bear capital of the world. it turns out that the population is larger than ever before. >> steve: the author of "never look a polar bear in the eye," zach joins us now from san francisco. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. why should you never look a polar bear in the eye? >> this was a piece of advice that my son got from a five-year-old who lives threw in polar bear country. if you look a polar bear in the eye, that pretty much means that you want to fight. and my kids are pretty tough, but i don't want them fighting foalar bears until at least they're done with college. >> brian: but you did find polar bears. you did not find a polar bear
5:56 am
that was heading towards extinction, did you? >> you know what? it's kinds of a funny story. polar bears are -- there are more alive now than 40 years ago. and that's because there was a global hunting ban in the early '70s. polar bear populations exploded after that. and that's not to say that global warming isn't real or that polar bears aren't going to have some trouble with that going forward. but what's interesting to me is that this is essentially a heartening, cheerful piece of information that somehow hasn't managed to pierce the public conclusionness. >> gretchen: you found out, they were 5,000 to 20,000. 2013, 20 to 25. were you surprised that you found more polar bears? >> you know, those early numbers were probably low and estimates from 50 years ago aren't great. but it is true that we can't look at one specific population of polar bears. you got to look at them world wide. some populations are doing well
5:57 am
and some are doing poorly. every kind of polar bear in different place also have to adapt their lifestyle to the realities of global warming. at the moment, there are many populations that are stable. >> steve: yeah. speaking of adapting your lifestyle, halloween threw where you live, the kids have to go out with armed guards because you never know. there could be in the dark, a polar bear. >> right. halloween is kind of a tricky time in polar bear country. you take these kids who are basically like bite sized individually wrapped snacks for a bear. and then you put them out in the dark and stuff their pockets full of candy. it's not really a recipe for a safe halloween. every able body person goes out and has your back. there is one rule for halloween in churchill, you can't dress up as a princess or bride or anything white because there is a bunch of guys looking for polar bears in the dark. >> gretchen: makes sense. thanks for your thoughts.
5:58 am
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